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Practical information

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General information about admissions All children and young people living in Sandnes Municipality may apply to be admitted to the Culture School. The minimum age for admission to the different courses can be found on our website and when registering for individual subjects. The age limit/grades apply to the 2015/16 academic year. Applications for underage students will not be considered.  Normally, the upper age limit for applying is 15 years, and for admissions the age limit is 16 years!

You may apply to be taught in up to two disciplines/subjects. If you want to apply for two or more disciplines/subjects, you will need to apply for each individual subject. If you want to apply for piano and a vocal subject, for example, you will need to apply twice.

If you want to prioritise one subject before another, you may do so when at registration. When you have chosen the discipline/subject you want, press the next tab. Here you will be able to decide whether this is to be your first or second choice. If you want the subject you are applying for to be your first choice, you must select Priority 1.

Students applying for tuition in stringed instruments will automatically be given a place in an orchestra when they are ready for it. Students who want to, may be given a place in a choir in addition to two disciplines.

Re-registration (confirming renewal of the study place) All students at Sandnes Culture School will retain their place for a new semester, but this does not happen automatically. For each new academic year, the parents/guardians must log in to re-register the place, i.e.  to confirm that the student wants to keep his/her place. You may follow the link Re-registrering. The user name is the student’s date of birth and the password should have been allocated via e-mail. If you haven’t received the password, you may request a new password (if your e-mail address is in our system). We are happy to help you – just call 51921520 and we will guide you through the system.


 What does it cost to attend Sandnes Culture School?

  • Student fees are NOK 1,575 per semester (individual teaching / one half year) (NOK 1,300 for students in groups)
  • The price for Music from the beginning of life and the Musical  Kindergarten is also NOK1,300 from 1 January 2012
  • Participation in a choir / orchestra is NOK 300 per semester
  • Students studying visual arts must pay NOK 300 for materials In addition to the student fee
  • It costs NOK 300 per semester to rent an instrument
  • The students must pay for their own music sheets

Students who stop attending after a semester has started, must pay the student fee for the whole semester. New students will be given one trial lesson.

Limited admissions If we do not have room for all the applicants in one discipline, we will set up a waiting list. Applicants on the waiting list may be given a place during the academic year. For applicants who are allocated a place in a semester six weeks after the start of the semester, the student fee will be reduced accordingly. Applicants who are not allocated a place in the academic year they applied for, will be given priority in the next academic year.

Deadline for applications and admissions
The deadline for applications to the Culture School is 15. May

If your application has been successful, you will be notified by e-mail at the end of June. You do not need to confirm that you wish to accept the allocated place. If you do not want to accept the allocated place, you must notify the Culture School administration.

Exclusion from classes Students who fail to attend class twice in succession without giving notice of absence, and/or fail to demonstrate sufficient interest or effort may be excluded from further tuition the following semester.

Termination of the education Students who are withdrawn from school in a semester that has started, must pay the student fee for the entire semester. All withdrawals must be notified in writing to the Culture School office. New students are given one trial lesson.

If a student wants to stop attending classes from the next semester, the school must be given notice in writing to this effect no later than 1 December for termination before the spring semester and 1 May for termination before the autumn semester.

Cancelled lessons In the event a lesson is cancelled by a teacher, the Culture School shall do its utmost to provide a stand-in. In some cases this is not possible, and the lesson must be cancelled. In this connection it is extremely important that we have an updated cell phone number for you, to enable us to reach you by text message. If the lesson has been cancelled more than three times during a semester – or three weeks in the case of disciplines with two attendances per week – the student fees will be reduced accordingly.

Teaching locationsTeaching is normally carried out at the Culture School’s premises at Vågenskolen, Holbergsgt. 23. Lessons are also held in other parts of town.

PhotographyWe may take photographs/videos, for internal use, of students and groups participating in concerts, productions, exhibitions and major events. We comply with Norwegian legislation which states that photographs taken during concerts/events that are open to the public may be published without prior consent. We publish on our own websites only and on Facebook. We prefer to use photographs of large groups taken at a distance. In some instances we may capture images of good moments featuring individuals and in that event we will as far as possible ask for permission to publish them. Any questions relating to this may be directed to the school principal.

Here is a list of the subjects we offer:




Art subjects


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