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What does it cost to attend Sandnes Culture School

  • Student fees are NOK 1,750 per semester (individual teaching / one half year) (NOK 1,500 for students in groups)
  • The price for “Music from the beginning of life” and the “Musical Kindergarten” is also NOK 1,300 from 1 January 2012
  • Participation in a choir is NOK 500 per semester
  • Participation in a orchestra is NOK 400 per semester
  • Students studying visual arts must pay NOK 400 for materials In addition to the student fee
  • It costs NOK 400 per semester to rent an instrument/ NOK 800 to rent el-piano
  • The students must pay for their own music sheets

Students who stop attending after a semester has started, must pay the student fee for the whole semester. New students will be given one trial lesson.